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Custom Apparel & Promotional Products, Fast Shipping

About Us

The premier provider of apparel printing in Metro Detroit. We look forward to serving you!

Candy in My Locker

Hi, I’m Ken, founder of Cotton Concepts Printing. I’ve always been a businessman, even as a 6th grader selling candy bars from my school locker. It started small and progressed to lugging 12 dozen candy bars (purchased wholesale, of course) to my high school each day and employing two classmates.

That was a while ago. My businesses have evolved, but my focus has always been on building relationships. This has served me well and as a diversified business owner in the City of Detroit, I have many clients from a variety of ventures who seek my services.

It was at the Coca Cola museum in 2009, while in Atlanta for my family reunion, that I first saw the GT-541 garment printer. Two things crossed my mind. First, it was the coolest machine I had ever seen and second, it could open the door to an exciting business venture. A 3-hour trip to Ohio and a chunk of my savings later, I had my first machine in my dining room rolling out a steady stream of product for customers unaccustomed to full color printing. It was like bringing technicolor to the B&W; world.

Upping the Ante

I obtained the GT-782 and an embroidery machine after realizing that I was missing opportunities to serve customers who wanted to print on dark garments. As for the embroidery machine… pure vanity. Once the machines were installed, I found that customer service was lacking in the direct-to-apparel industry as a whole. A good portion of our customers come with horror stories about getting subpar customer service from other companies. At Cotton Concepts Printing, our goal is always to exceed every client’s expectations and provide quick turnaround times and attention to detail.

Our apparel printing product line extends way beyond t-shirts. Choose from the full spectrum of colors for printing on aprons, tote bags, sweatshirts and pants, polos, zippered hoodies, vests, canvas, socks, boy shorts, shorts, baby clothes including bibs, and much more.

I was born in Detroit and have stayed with this city even through its hardest times. Our print facility is in one of the city’s most vibrant communities. Our goal is to be the largest employer in the apparel market in Detroit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering 1 or 10,000, launching your own clothing line, or just want to wear your own creations, Cotton Concepts Printing provides unmatched value with top-notch customer service. You deserve nothing less. Call us.

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