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Printing FAQ's

These files, if they were created in the right program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw, etc) and saved at the proper resolution (300 dpi or higher) are the best formats for printing. Note just converting a low resolution file to a .pdf file will not enhance the quality of the design for print. Vector images are best.

These file types are usually low resolution and will not retain the clarity of the image when increased in size. If the image is of a high enough resolution (300 dpi) and remains clear when increased to about 300% or the size it will be on your shirt, than we may be able print it to your and our satisfaction.       


We print your design exactly as it is sent to us. So unless you want a t-shirt print of screenshot or of your design on another product, please upload the original file by itself. As these are meant to be just a visual representation of your design, cropping your design out of these images will usually lead to small low resolution images not suitable for print. 

 Really small thumbnail images are low resolution and are not meant to be used for print. When increased in size, the image appears blurry and that is exactly how it will print.

Due to licensing and copyright laws, we are unable to print artwork or logos that are not legally yours to reproduce and profit from. This includes copyrighted characters, logos, slogans, and images obtained from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This also may include public figures. Occasionally, exceptions to this rule include works protected under ‘fair use’ and ‘parody’. By uploading or sending your requested design to us, you assert that the images are yours to reproduce. Cotton Concepts Printing reserves the right to refuse to reproduce any artwork that infringes on any copyright or licensing holders, laws, or agreements. Rest assured that all artwork/images sent to us by past, current and potential customers remain safe and in use by Cotton Concepts only as requested by the persons/organizations that provided them to us. More information on current laws and regulations regarding copyright can be obtained from

These tips are to help you create or upload print ready designs in our design studio. Our online design studio may let you remove the white background in your uploaded image and will sometimes let you change the colors in your design but does not allow for other modifications such as cropping. Any images containing water marks may print exactly as you send it. You will be able to add text or images using fonts and clip art provided in the design studio but major alterations may require our graphic designer.

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